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postheadericon The Visit to Bitcoin and the Options Available

The meteoric rise of bitcoin has unlocked the full potential of blockchain technology. In addition to bitcoin, many promising crypto-currencies may well present trading opportunities. Learn more about their potential with our list of the ten best altcoins to watch.

The word altcoin is an abbreviated version for: ‘alternative to bitcoin’. The hundreds of crypto-currencies that try to compete with bitcoin or take advantage of its success are called altcoins.

Most are developed from blockchain technology that has spawned bitcoin and already provides more efficient and secure ways to close deals and transfer assets. Here are some of the best altcoins to watch for and the solutions they offer.

  1. Litecoin (LTC)

Unlike many other altcoins the litecoin  (LTC) has already proven itself. In 2017, its value had increased significantly over a period of less than six months, from $ 4 to over $ 60. Although its bullish trajectory has since declined, the price of the LTC has been rising, fluctuating between $ 83 and $ 86 during the first half of 2018. For that You can Check Out This Website for more.

One of the reasons that has contributed to the litecoin’s sustainability  is its speed of processing transactions. In the future, it could be destined for a larger expansion with the arrival of two new functions:

The litePay: which allows users to recharge their debit cards with litecoin tokens and make purchases with drastically reduced transaction fees.

The litePal: This is a cryptocurrency version of PayPal that offers enhanced security and a transaction speed of 60 seconds.

  1. OmiseGo (OMG)

Founded in 2013 in Thailand, the OmiseGo is an ethereum platform  whose function is to allow users to make payments between digital wallets in a safe and fast – with any currency or cryptocurrency. Thanks to it, a third party involved in cross-border exchanges may soon no longer be necessary. Its success depends on its:

White-label portfolio development kit (SDK): This is a software development kit needed to build a compatible portfolio.

Plasma network: Designed to handle the speed of transactions of up to one million transfers per second.

Although still recent, the OmiseGo is attracting a lot of interest in the market like the 240 McDonald’s restaurants  in Thailand that accept this method of payment.


  1. VeChain (VEN)

The VeChain network also enhances transparency by providing businesses with the ability to create and store indefinitely detailed, time-stamped files containing the details of each supply chain transaction.In addition, VeChain is developing a microprocessor-based verification system that should authenticate each product listed on its platform. This progress should reduce counterfeiting and increase consumer confidence significantly. These are the options that you can keep now in your brain and get the best options for the same while investing.